ASTRAL PROJECTION Lucid dreaming Music ➤ Soothing Astral Travel Music DEEP Alpha Brainwaves 8Hz

The Astral Circle · 120.914 views · 10.00.01 min · 6 Sep 2018
OBE Lucid Dreaming Music. Out Of Body Experience, Astral Travel, Soothing Lucid Dream music, with ambient, flute and 8 Hz binaural beat induced for powerful astral projection, lucid dreams, sleep or simply soothing relaxation.

Individuals that relax with closed-eyes tend to exhibit more alpha wave activity. In fact, the alpha range typically becomes dominant when a person closes their eyes and focuses on relaxing. When you open your eyes, alpha wave activity becomes reduced. Many researchers believe that alpha activity is linked to drowsiness, relaxation, and boosted mood. Think of the alpha brain wave as playing an important role in helping people calm down. It bridges the gap between our waking state and our sleeping state.

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