BecomingU: Morgan Keenan on Non-Profits, Youth Activism & Empowerment

Sydney Michelle · 157 views · 20.30 min · 7 Jan 2016
Morgan Keenan lives in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. He is the founding director of the Missouri GSA Network, an ever-growing non-profit empowering youth leaders to push back homophobia and transphobia in Missouri schools.

Ways to give support and get involved with the Missouri GSA Network:

Lila Perry CNN news segment:

1:12 - Learn about the Missouri GSA Network
8:14 - Activism & Advocacy
10:30 - Difficulties in Starting a Non-Profit
14:45 - Advice on Starting a Non-Profit
17:00 - Future Plans
19:35 - Connecting & Supporting the Missouri GSA Network

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