Binaural Beats Meditation for Astral Projection: Binaural Sleep Meditation, Out of Body Experience

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Made with Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies, this astral projection music starts with a Chakra Cleansing for about an hour and then several variations of tones that will stimulate an Out of Body Experience during sleep.

1) Taking off

If you are trying to figure out how to astral project easily, the first thing you need to learn how to relax the physical body to the point your psychosoma (astral body) is free to take off.

You will also need to have the equivalent “relaxation” of your energosoma (energy body). Knowing how to unblock your chakras and achieve a better distribution of energies throughout the energosoma can be a great help in this process. Ideally, you should achieve a state with your energies that will produce a slight expansion of your energosoma. Since the energosoma is the “glue” between the physical body and the psychosoma (astral body), you will be in a better condition to take off.

Unblocking chakras and expanding the energies are not absolutely necessary conditions to produce a lucid OBE, however, working on it can greatly increase your chances for take-off.

Blocked areas in your energosoma can keep your astral body “glued” to the physical body. For example, you could get to the point of relaxation where you feel your legs and arms floating, and even get the head of the psychosoma to move around a bit, but feel as if there was a weight on top of the chest that keeps you inside the body.

2) Staying Lucid During Take Off

On the process of learning how to achieve astral projection, lucidity is paramount. Being lucid means to be aware, cognizant, making sense of the information we receive from the environment around us consistently with how we do it in the waking state. We can say that lucidity means to be “awake” however we do not use that word in order to avoid confusion with the state of our physical body.

Our physical body can be awake or asleep. We, as consciousness, can be lucid or not. So the trick to astral project is to put the physical body to sleep but to stay lucid. The consciousness is not the physical body and therefore does not need to sleep.

3) Recalling your Out-of-Body Experience

The third element needed while learning how to do astral projection is to remember the experience after it happens. This is usually not the part that requires the most amount of information and training.

There are things you can do before the projection to help with the recall. Self-suggestion is one technique you can use before your OBE attempt. This recall technique consists in repeating a phrase to yourself a few times. Repeating it five or ten times is typically effective. If you can say it out loud and do it after you have achieved some relaxation, even better.

The sentence should be simple and direct, something like “I will get out of my body with lucidity and remember everything when I come back”. It is important to pay attention to what you are saying and say it “with energy” and with confidence.

During the OBE you can try to repeat names of people and places that you learn, and also tell yourself that you will remember those names after you wake up. Coming back to the physical body by your own decision usually helps with a more controlled reconnection and with the overall transfer of information to the physical brain.

The ideal scenario for recall is based on a slow reconnection process. Those kinds of alarms that increase the volume slowly can help in this regard. You should ask yourself if you recall anything from the period your physical body was asleep before making any movements.




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