Guided Astral Projection Technique Meditation // Mind Awake, Body Asleep

Susannah Is This A Dream · 1.061.371 views · 1.28.34 min · 2 Okt 2016
This meditation will guide you through a process of relaxing and calming the body, clearing the chakras, opening your third eye, affirmations and intention setting, hypnotic suggestion and breathing the physical body into sleep while the mind remains awake and aware, ready to travel through the astral realms. There is one hour of guided meditation and then 30 mins of music and isochronic tones for unguided meditation.
☆WARNING☆ - As your physical body falls asleep you may feel some bizarre visual, auditory or tactile sensations. Just relax and TRUST that you are completely safe.
If you find yourself in Sleep Paralysis then firstly try to RELAX and remind yourself, "This is sleep paralysis. I am safe. I am ready to astral project!" Then close your eyes and put all your attention on your astral, energy body. If you feel yourself being pushed in any direction then go with the motion. Stare into the darkness and if you see visuals start to appear then flow with them. You can reach your astral hands into the darkness too and see what you feel. Be patient, curious and keep your intention on your astral journey and allow it to materialise around you.
Enjoy your astral journey ☆☆☆
Thank you for the beautiful flute playing: