Haircut Tutorial: How to Cut and Style a Military Flat Top | Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Deluxe · 137.382 views · 13.36 min · 29 Jan 2018
In this How to Cut & Style, Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador Ron Talley, takes us through the Military Flat Top.

Ron, co-owner of Electric Barbershop in Riverside CA is a master of precise cuts, with particular speciality in skin fades.

This cut takes extreme attention to detail. You need to ensure the top is indeed flat and even across the top with no stray hairs. It’s important to understand and consider the shape of the client’s skull. Ensuring the shape of the hair follows the natural curve of the skull.

This is no easy cut, but with the help of this video, and a lot of practise, you’ll be on your way to nailing the Military Flat Top.