How To Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache - A Tutorial - Matt Tastic Music

Matt Tastic Music · 3.941 views · 5.53 min · 1 Des 2018
How long it takes to grow, and styling tips for your handlebar mustache. I also talk about my social experience with the stache. This video covers:
1) Growing Technique
2) Getting the Flip
3)What Waxes and Oils to use
4) Care and Maintenance
5) Upsides to having handlebar mustache
6) Downsides to Having a Handlebar Mustache

Product used: I use Layrite mustache wax. They did not sponsor this video, but I'd be open to an offer. I'm talking to you, Layrite! :D

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed your No Shave November!

- Matt Tastic Music