Stomach Pain | Gastric Problems, Abdominal Pain | Symptoms and Home Remedy

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This video provides home remedy for Gastric Problems. Common symptoms of this problem are : Lack of Appetite, Bad Breath , Bloated, Coated Tongue, Abdominal Bloating.
Best remedy and solution of Gastric problem is to change the life style, and to make the exercise a daily habit.
Ginger Powder ,cinnamon powder are also very effective.
Also use hygienic food.
Gastric problem is one of most common disease of this century, almost every third person is complaining about excessive gas, digestive most common symptoms of Gastric problems are Chest pain or chest arrest due to gas, Flatulence, Bad Breath or smell in breath which gives bad sensation, Lack of apatite or very less food intake, color of tongue will be white or white spots will be visible in surface of tong, coated tong is very prominent symptom of excessive gas, abdominal bloating impacts personality of a person, people having bloated abdominal feel they are getting weigh even though their food intake is very low, anxiety and fatigue is also part of this disease.

Everyone can fight with digestive problems problem just by following the few tips, start exercise initially walking and jogging can be helpful, Do not drink water during or after the meal, always take water 30 minutes before meal, avoid spicy food ,No Red chilly or Gree Chilly instead use black pepper where you feel, avoid dairy products like Milk, Cheese, Butter, Ghee, yogurt, ice cream, avoid junk food and fried products like French fries, fried fish, fried chicken, fried meat etc, try different vegetables and try to find that which combination increase the Gas into your stomach problums, avoid these vegetables as well, most common vegetable that causes the gas is cauliflower.
Whatever we do in our life is only to get better life so take your time to chew the food slowly, the faster you eat means getting close to different disease like gastric problem.

Avoid Alcohol as it is very harmful for your liver and will cause to increase Gas into your body, One of most prominent factor of Gastric problem is anxiety and stress, try to release your stress, to release the stress start playing some games, involve in physical activities, Go into parks on daily or weekly basis and spend your time with your family after all family is most important for everyone.
Tarmac leaves are very efficient homemade tonic, just get few leaves of tarmac and get them mix with a glass of milk, it will give you relief from excessive gas.
Another way to cure this disease is usage of Guava leaves juice, boil guava leaves and drink this water on daily basis, it will release the excessive gas from your body and will strength your lever and stomach.
Potato juice is supportive to reduce gas, get potato juice by using your juicer blender, use 1/2 cup of this juice before meal and enjoy the life.
A string pinch of Ginger powder will provide you the relief in Gastric problem, Now no worry about gas just use Ginger or chew the ginger after meal if you like its taste.
Cinnamon powder is also good for relief in problem , for more details please visit.